Saint Amaro Avenue, 1300.

A scruffy man standing in front of a closed car dealership, takes notice of two glimmering red promotional balls tied to the door.

A police officer steps down from his car, looking at all sides he observes a suspect standing in front of a dealership. The suspect is poorly dressed and barefoot.

A lady sitting on a blue seat inside the bus that has stopped at the bus stop on that avenue, comments with the girl sitting beside her, that there is a dirty beggar standing in front of a closed car dealership.

A man passes by a very dirty man, he holds reaches for his pocket and forms a grip around his wallet, he begins to power walk. Once noticing the parked police vehicle ahead, he feels safe, easing his steps.

A young man attempts to dodge behind the bus that has stopped, the cop he sees ahead brings him discomfort, after all his car is full of drugs that will be sold in the college where he studies.

The shabbily dressed man decides to act, he takes three steps forward, raises his hands and grabs two promotional red balls, he is too quickly fulfilled with the thought that selling these balls will empty his stomach full of air.

A girl alerted the lady beside her on the bus, calling the attention of several passengers to the man who, according to her, is a beggar, and says loudly that he has just stolen something at the dealership.

A young man with the car full of drugs to sell at his college notices the barefoot man running with two red promotional balls, he reverses his car as he sees the police officer coming his way.

The policeman runs and reaches for the scruffy man and slams the gun cable on his head several times. The man who’d been named a beggar by the passengers in the bus fall to the ground, and in front of him the two red promotional balls roll on to the pavement.

The bus driver, who drives the same root for the past eight years, tries to maintain the bus stopped to see the police officer assault the badly dressed man who is lying on the sidewalk with kicks and punches, but the traffic has turned green so he goes through bursting two red promotional balls that laid on the street.

By: Moara Prado


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