Week 6

In this weeks tutorial we talked about the importance of education in happiness and the difference between happiness and relief. This week’s topic really hit home because I have this continuously feeling that I am often wasting my life away, spending countless hours working instead of actually being me, being happy.

When I first started university, I began with a major in Creative Writing, which I absolutely loved, I was motivated and can confidently say I was happy to come to uni and learn. I handed my assignments in time and I felt like I was really doing and learning something I was proud of. However, as the term was coming to an end I started to doubt the possibility of combining this major with any financial work. I began to feel that although this might be what I love it was not the path for my future. I changed majors to Health Science where I felt obliged to study, I was tired and sad, I had no friends and felt no joy in the course, but I felt stability. Not long went by where I realized that I couldn’t simply slave away a few more years of my life to do something I wasn’t happy with. I picked and changed courses again. I wasn’t for another two courses that I am finally happy with the degree I am completing. I am unsure of where this will get me in the future. I can’t say that I will be rich, but I can say that I will be happy.

Relating this to my journal, I am so grateful for all the wrong choices I made because they were the right ones. Every road that I have taken has led me this far and I couldn’t be happier with my life. I have started to really appreciate my choices, my family, my friends and me.


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