Week 7-


I feel like a much happier person! I haven’t been reporting everything I have been doing step by step in this blog/diary, however, I couldn’t be happier with where it has taken me. I really feel a positive change in me and in the people around me. Things that I had to stop and think about before are coming naturally to me now. I am able to straight away start a conversation with a stranger, make new friends. I don’t hesitate to ask if people are okay or if they need anything. But the difference I feel has affected me mostly is being able to immediately identify my negative attitude and thoughts and change it for a positive, optimistic one.

I used to be very anti-morning person, but for the last seven weeks I have made it my habit to get up and straight away acknowledge ten things that I am thankful for. This improves my mood and it has a snowball affect through out my day, I find something positive in every situation I am in and this has contributed to a huge increase in my happiness. I am so happy!



Week 6

In this weeks tutorial we talked about the importance of education in happiness and the difference between happiness and relief. This week’s topic really hit home because I have this continuously feeling that I am often wasting my life away, spending countless hours working instead of actually being me, being happy.

When I first started university, I began with a major in Creative Writing, which I absolutely loved, I was motivated and can confidently say I was happy to come to uni and learn. I handed my assignments in time and I felt like I was really doing and learning something I was proud of. However, as the term was coming to an end I started to doubt the possibility of combining this major with any financial work. I began to feel that although this might be what I love it was not the path for my future. I changed majors to Health Science where I felt obliged to study, I was tired and sad, I had no friends and felt no joy in the course, but I felt stability. Not long went by where I realized that I couldn’t simply slave away a few more years of my life to do something I wasn’t happy with. I picked and changed courses again. I wasn’t for another two courses that I am finally happy with the degree I am completing. I am unsure of where this will get me in the future. I can’t say that I will be rich, but I can say that I will be happy.

Relating this to my journal, I am so grateful for all the wrong choices I made because they were the right ones. Every road that I have taken has led me this far and I couldn’t be happier with my life. I have started to really appreciate my choices, my family, my friends and me.


Week 5 –

This week we discussed random acts of kindness and how it benefits both parties. I started thinking about simple things I’ve been applying to my everyday happiness journey that implement my happiness. I began with things such as smiling at strangers, and holding doors opened. picking something up for someone who had dropped it on the floor, but as our discussion got deeper I started to realize that in fact I could do so much more.

In 2014 I decided to follow the footsteps of my older, graduated friend and travel. I was going to quit my job and I deferred university to travel with her through North and South America for almost an entire year. Few months  prior to our departure Vanessa and I had a falling out and our trip was put on hold, however, I had already made the decision of leaving both university and my job and those were two things I couldn’t go back on. I decided to tackle this adventure on my own and go regardless.

Looking back now, I started to realize that it was by arriving in a new, unknown country on my own that peoples random acts of kindness really meant to me. It wasn’t those who smiled at me or who picked up the pen I dropped on the plane that I remember (don’t get me wrong, they were also great!), but it was those special people who pushed and made that extra random act of kindness count, like approaching me and making a conversation, asking me how I was and if I needed anything, all I needed a friend.

This week specially has touched me and taught me that I can be that someone for someone else, I’ve started sitting next to other people in my tutorials that often don’t speak up much or don’t make much eye contact and I’ve started making more friends than I thought possible. I’ve really putting myself out there and I can proudly say I’ve loving it and I hope that maybe just for a little bit I am that person for them who makes a difference like someone was for me a few years ago.