Week 3

This week I started by being thankful for:

My beautiful family
My friends
My health
My job
Being able to attend and enjoy university
For the well-being of others around me
For having the capacity to change
The endless opportunities that lay in front of me
For being loved by those around me
For being able to communicate with my family and friends overseas

I smiled at two strangers going out of the car park, I held the door opened for a student who struggled with her books, I felt happy about brining cookies and chocolate to class and wished I could do that in every other one of my classes.

I watched Patch Adams again and reflect on all the moments that made me happy. I want to be able to understand human beings more, I want to be able to help others understand that by giving more, will not make you have any less.

What I liked best about the reading this week was the part where it said ‘Nothing in life is quite as important as you think it is while you are thinking about it’, and that was extremely close to my heart because I once wrote a story and the whole focus to it was ‘99% of things people worry about, never actually happen at all’.

Looking forward to my tutorial this afternoon.

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