Week 2

Stop thinking about myself and start thinking about others.

When I spoke about happiness last week, I only spoke about doing things for myself, things that make me happy. How did I never consider the fact that making someone else happy would improve my happiness a thousand times?

Ever since taking this subject, I’ve started to discover that my happiness is in fact, in other people. I’ve become happier by seeing others smile.

Health is based on happiness – from hugging and clowning around to finding joy in family and friends satisfaction in work, and ecstasy in nature and the arts – Patch Adams

This week in the tutorial I reflected a lot on my relationships and how essential and influential they are to me. I started to understand how the roles of friendship work, I’m learning how to embrace the best features in each of my friends, to allow them to embrace mine and cherish what we can bring to each other.

While writing down examples of friendships and roles, I was so overwhelmed by a feeling of gratitude that straight after class I sent all my friends a thank you message, just for being them.

I feel that was my first act of gratitude.


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