12 ways to be happier

  1. Expressing gratitude
  2. Cultivating optimism
  3. Avoiding overthinking and social comparison
  4. Practising random acts of kindness
  5. Nurturing relationships
  6. Developing strategies for coping
  7. Learning to forgive
  8. Doing more activities that truly engage you
  9. Savouring life’s joys
  10. Committing to your goals
  11. Practicing religion and spirituality
  12. Taking care of your body

Started to think about all the activities that I can practice in order to increase my happiness. Right now I feel I could practice all twelve comfortably. But I’ve decided to pick one (or two, I’m very excited about this!) and focus on them, while still trying to maintain the others as well.

Expressing gratitude
Practising random acts of kindness

Firstly I will begin by writing ten things that I am grateful for each week, I will say them out loud and reflect upon them for a few moments and let it sink in and the positive energy to flow from me to everything and everyone around me.

I will take on a Patch Adams approach of learning and begin by doing random acts of kindness to both strangers and people I am close with, I will keep attempt to go out of my way to make someone smile at least three times a day.

I’m very excited to report on how I go.

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