Technological life


Just like everything in this world, my media space started off very, very small and then it exploded. I remember waking up to my nan turning on her dusty radio every morning. Listening to old country music and oddly enough, the only form of media and communication we had at home, helped her create her own alone space in time. Singing and dancing to herself, she refused to be interrupted until her radio was off.

Growing up in a farm and having to transition between countries (Brazil – Australia), I sometimes feel I might have a very different sense of media than other twenty-something year olds would have. It was quite a shock having to relocate from a small country town in Brazil, where we (the entire town), would all gather around the one television on Sunday afternoons to watch the soccer, to having my own desk, with my own computer in Australia.

I think the fact of being a nine year old migrant, who was unable to speak a word in English, who had no friends and due to visa issues was also unable to attend school, the computer became a huge part of my life. I began to search for sites, programs and games that would implement my sense of belonging. Coming across online chat-rooms, blogs, orkut, MSM-messenger and ICQ, I discovered that even an ocean away, I could still maintain contact with my family and friends.

This opened a huge window and addiction in my life. I created my first blog when I turned ten, making sure I included every detail of my life so my friends and family across the world could feel included, I remember scanning photos I had taken earlier in the month just to post them on my blog. Receiving likes and comments on my posts were as good as presents to me.

Now, twelve years later, currently a student of Communication and Media studies, I must admit media still takes over a majority of my life. I’m a lot more careful on what I post, what programs I use and what groups I join. But I still cherish the fact that I am, one way or another connected to the people I left behind, that they are just one click away from me. I don’t use media to share every single detail about my life anymore, I’ve learned to be more selective, to use media for other purposes like sharing my opinion, my writing and my work. But I often find myself on my phone for hours recreating the memories and feelings I’ve once had, simply by looking through old blogs, posts and pictures. The thing about media is it can be incredibly rewarding if you know how to use it.

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